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Chrysoprase and Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

Chrysoprase and Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

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Size: 49mm from the top of the ear hook to the bottom of the earring, 9mm across the widest point of the earring

Faceted Lemon Chrysoprase tear drop beads paired with high-clarity Amethyst rhondelles. Wrapped with Sterling Silver wire and hung on our signature Sterling Silver ear hooks.

Lemon Chrysoprase encourages dynamic thinking and unconditional love. This stone is known to work with the Heart chakra, promoting compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Chrysoprase paired with Amethyst is an incredible crystal combination to carry with you as you venture on your own journey of self-discovery.


Amethyst is said to be a natural relaxant, it alleviates stress, dispels anger and is known to heighten intuition and psychic abilities. This stone can be used to strengthen your Crown Chakra, the last of the seven chakras, and is said to be ones connection or "bridge" with higher self and the divine. 

Amethyst Care:

Amethyst birthstone jewelry can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, but steam cleaning is not recommended. A soft brush with mild soap is the safest option.


Key words         Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addiction

Element             Wind

Chakras             6th Third Eye, 7th Crown, Etheric

Zodiac                Pisces

Birthstone          February

All finished jewellery items are “one of a kind”, the photograph you see is the exact piece you will receive. Photos have not been edited or retouched and are an accurate representation of the finished piece.

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