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Earrings E373 Celtic Butterfly

Earrings E373 Celtic Butterfly

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Celtic Butterfly

Metal:   925 Sterling Silver (SS) = 92.5% Fine Silver 7.5% Copper

Size:      39.92x23.06x0.64mm, measured from the top of the hook to the bottom of the earring.

Weight:  4.0 g/pair

Post:     14-20Gold-filled (GF) Shepherd hooks with Black Alaskan Diamond accents and rubber stoppers.

Exploring Heritage – Celtic Adventures

Delicate tiny Celtic pattern etched in sterling silver on sterling hooks. This earring flutters visually because of the way I have alternated the forming of the wing concave and convex. A lot of fun to fun but don’t hit your thumb with the hammer! I have created a Golden patina to accentuate the pattern.  Black Alaskan Diamond is a Hematite gemstone.

Gold-filled 14/20GF is two sheets of 14kt gold soldered and rolled over brass, the gold weighs 1/20 of the brass. Gold-fill does not tarnish, as gold rarely tarnishes, also it does not peel or chip off like plating does.

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Hematite is known by the trade name of Black Alaskan Diamond. Hematite is an iron oxide. Hematite is found in the tailings of iron mines. Coloured black to silver-grey, some varieties have reddish brown streaks. And has been found on Mars, ‘Mars Blueberries’. Magnetic Hematite is a synthetic material known as Hematine.

Hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood. The gem cutting houses in Germany referred to hematite as Blood Stone as the water ran red during the cutting process. Red Chalk writings by early humans were created with ochre. Red ochre is clay with varying amounts of 20-70% unhydrated hematite, hydrated hematite creates yellow ochre. Rich deposits of hematite have been found on the island of Elba and mined since the time of the Etruscans 6th century BCE. Falu red is a pigment used in traditional Swedish house paints. Ground crystals are used to create rouge for polishing metals.

The popularity of black gems and hematite jewellery rose during the Victorian era and was used widely in mourning jewellery. Hematite is used in the art form intaglio engraved gems and is also carved.

Metaphysical Properties

Element              Earth

Chakras              Root (1st)

Hematite is a powerful stone used to cleanse negative energy. Most effective stone for grounding oneself. Hematite helps in balancing the meridian system to the root chakra.

All finished jewellery items are “one of a kind”, the photograph you see is the exact piece you will receive. Photos have not been edited or retouched and are an accurate representation of the finished piece.


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