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Etched Sterling Silver Hoops 1-inch Anti-Clastic Form E430

Etched Sterling Silver Hoops 1-inch Anti-Clastic Form E430

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Metals: 925 Sterling Silver (SS)= 92.5% Fine Silver 7.5% Copper.

Size: 39mm x 32mm Measured from the top of the hook to the bottom of the earring and across the widest point of the hoop. 

Weight: 10.6g

Sterling Silver etched with an alternative interweaving Art Deco pattern. Hand formed into anti-clastic 1-inch hoops. Patina finish highlights the pattern with diamond bit borders contrast beautifully with the highly polished interiors. Reinforced ear hoop makes for sturdy opening to take on and off. I love the movement of these hoops as they dance freely on the ears.

 All finished jewellery items are "one of a kind", the photograph you see is the exact piece you will receive.  Photos have not been edited or retouched and are an accurate representation of the finished piece.

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