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Blue Kyanite Wheel Pattern Earrings

Blue Kyanite Wheel Pattern Earrings

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Metals: 960 Sterling Silver (SS) = 96% Fine Silver 4% Metal Alloys

Size: 38mm x 25mm Measured from the top of the hook to the bottom of the earring and across the widest point of the earring.

Weight: 9.8 g/pair

960 Sterling Silver Precious Metal Clay skillfully rolled with a fine pattern. Set with intriguing 10mm Kyanite cabochons, finished with our signature hooks and a dark patina to highlight the brilliance of the silver. Our PMC rolling mats are imprinted with custom designs and each piece can only be rolled once to achieve high detail without distorting the fine patterns, allowing us to create truly one of a kind designs with each roll.

Kyanite is believed to aid in meditation; many consider its meditative energies to be one of its two defining features. The second is that it is believed kyanite never needs to be cleansed of negative energies, as it cannot absorb or collect them.

It is thought that kyanite aligns with all chakras. Its properties are also believed to include increased communication, heightened interpersonal awareness, determination, and promotes the balance of female and male energies.

Specific colors are said to have specialized abilities:

  • Black: grounds the body by aligning all chakras simultaneously
  • Blue: strengthens the voice, soothes the throat, useful for speakers and vocal performers
  • Green: connects the heart to the third eye chakra to promote insight, increases connection to the natural world
  • Orange: bolsters creativity, improves visualization and cleanses the aura
Kyanite is affiliated with the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus and Libra and all chakras.
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