Custom designed, unique hypo-allergenic jewellery; all hand-made by the artist.



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Unique Heirloom Jewellery

All of our designs are completely custom, using special techniques and processes to assure a truly one of a kind piece of fine jewellery.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart...

KISS Earrings

KISS Earrings

KISS 2020 Limited Edition Series Keep It Simple Sweetheart… Statement Earrings  

  • Sterling KISS 2020

    KISS 2020 Limited Edition Series are a Classic Teardrop shape with a contemporary twist. Each pair of KISS earrings is unique from the rest, and will not be recreated.

  • Tactile Imagery

    Custom graphics with fine images are transferred on to Sterling Silver using a technique called electro-etching. The result leaves us with beautiful, high detail, textured imagery that is near impossible to replicate.

  • KISS Scale

    All etchings are different, a few patterns have been repeated with variations in size and direction; due to these changes each pair may vary slightly in weight.

  • Finishing Touches

    A patina has been applied to our KISS line to enhance its etched textures and emphasize the brilliance of Sterling Silver, leaving behind a truly one of a kind finish.

  • Made for You

    We offer custom design services in 925 Sterling Silver, 960 Sterling Silver, and Gold upon request. Stay tuned for an updated list of our gemstone inventory.

  • Made with Care

    The artist herself has extreme allergies to base metals and so uses only materials that are more suited to individuals with metal sensitivities.

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