About the Artist

GemRapture.ca incorporates a love of gemstones with a fascination of metalsmithing. Gemstones are sourced from worldwide artisans who specialize in mining and cutting gems. Deb has a love for intricate designs and purchases limited edition graphics from artists worldwide to incorporate into her work. Using her former graphic design skills, Deb further manipulates our purchased artwork to incorporate gemstone settings and enhance symmetry. The artist specializes in electro-etching metals using gentle salts to achieve deep etchings. Once the 7-hour etching process is complete, the metal is transformed from 2D, into 3D forms. Hand forming with miniature stakes and hammers, Deb adds another dimension to the original image, transforming them into bold, creative three-dimensional pieces of jewellery-artwork. Jocelyn has recently joined the team, sharing her artistic talents and bringing our website online. Additional websites on Instagram and Facebook have been launched, creating ease of access to our products from multiple platforms! We are also developing an email-newsletter, which you can sign up for at the bottom of our website home page, giving you access to discount codes, regular product updates, and studio progress.

GemRapture Jewellery is a division of Create-Mode Inc., the Inc is for inc-speration because Ltd would be too limited!”

Photography by Jona Photographic, also a division of Create-Mode Inc.